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We offer supervision, inspection and technical assistance services in different areas, such as civil works, owner engineering, survey, assembly and logistics. Our services focus on guaranteeing quality, safety and environmental care in each project, from planning to execution. We stand out for:   

Experience and knowledge: We have a team of highly trained experts with extensive experience in the renewable and naval sector. In addition, we are constantly updating and improving our knowledge and skills. 

Rigor and thoroughness: Our supervision and inspection are rigorous and thorough, ensuring that every detail is reviewed and that quality and safety standards are met. 

Flexibility and adaptability: We adapt to the needs of each project and client, offering personalized and flexible solutions that fit their requirements.

Safety and health: Safety and health are our priority at all times, and we ensure that we comply with occupational health and safety standards and regulations. 

Initial Interaction

    We provide an overview of our renewable energy services and schedule a detailed analysis and project planning and kick off.

Discovery Consulting

We analyze in depth the client's needs and the objectives of their wind and photovoltaic project, providing our experience in engineering and logistics .

Personalized Proposal

We create a service proposal tailored to the specifics of the project, including a detailed schedule and cost breakdown

Contracting of Services

We formalize our collaboration with a service contract, providing total transparency in terms and conditions.

Execution Phase

We implement the agreed service plan, keeping the client informed and ensuring alignment with expectations.

Continuous support

We offer rigorous monitoring, post-implementation and ongoing technical assistance, ensuring that the project adheres to agreed standards.

We lead the process

For A Successful Renewable Energy Project.

With our supervision service, we guarantee execution on time, within budget and in compliance with the most rigorous regulations in the sector. Let our team of specialized wind energy engineers handle the supervision and technical inspection, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Owner Engineering

We help our clients maintain an efficient and uninterrupted workflow, providing support engineering and on-site assistance/supervision services. We also offer quality inspections in manufacturing plants and NDTs.

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Marine Surveyors

Offering reviews before, during and after loading/unloading components. We work on all aspects, from stacking, lashing, sea fastening, to packing list.

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Our industrial audits and inspections ensure that processes and equipment comply with regulations and standards. We carry out supplier approval services (SQA) and industrial warehouse audits.

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Our logistics services are designed for the safe and efficient management of projects. We have logistics and quality supervisors, repairers in port, monitoring of transport en route and even comprehensive management of warehouses and fields.

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In-house technical services

Outsourcing of qualified services for support both in own offices and in client offices 

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Obra Civil / Montaje

Perfiles altamente cualificados para la fase de obra civil y montaje. Contamos con Supervisores BOP y de Montaje, Inspectores de Calidad, Site Managers, Planners, HSE.  

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